Kansas City Coffee Shop
YOU ARE INVITED! We are celebrating Headrush Roasters Coffee & Tea Grand Opening this weekend. The Gladstone Area Chamber of Commerce is hosting a Ribbon Cutting ceremony this Friday at 3:30 pm. 

We need all of you to come out and join us in the celebration. 

The celebration will continue on from Friday to Sunday. The event will also include live music, prizes hourly, and 15 percent off freshly roasted coffee beans. 

Thanks for the incredible enthusiasm and support from the community and friends!!!! We truly feel privileged to be a part of this amazing community. 

We are having so much fun working at Headrush Roasters. The last three days flew by quickly while getting to know so many of our customers. This morning our cute and skilled Barista Jeremy made me an awesome cup of Cappuccino with perfect amount of foam and a decadent aroma. While my order was a small size, it has two Espresso shots which just make the drink more the better. All of small size Espresso based coffee drinks come with two shots of Espresso. 

Today, Saturday, was especially fun as people seem to have more time to spare and chat. A  new regular returned early to purchase some more of our Earl Grey tea to give to her friend. Our cool friend Liz stopped by. She has great taste in teas after traveling the tea countries. Not surprisingly, she ordered one of my all time favorite: Silver Needle tea. Meanwhile, our dear friend Sumithra dropped by. We sat around the big table, talking and laughing. 

Eric meant to go home and take a break. He has been working way too many hours in the past few months. But the poor guy did not get a chance. He was busy roasting coffee beans and restocking supplies.  

In the afternoon, Jie stopped by with Nora and Nia. Daniele's Latte put a big smile on her face. She loved it. She joked maybe we should have a branch in Shawnee, Kansas and she could be the manager there. Meanwhile, the kids seemed to like the Italian Soda with fruit flavor. Our friend Robin who has been to the shop regularly stopped by to pick up a bag of Guatemala coffee . We talked about computers for a while but I think he prefers to talk about fishing. :-) 

It was an awesome day & more to come! 

We opened this morning at 6 am!!!! Both drive-through and in door seating are available. Eric worked till 7 am this morning doing the last minute prep. He is a perfectionist to the core, and had a hard time stop working. Joel stayed till nearly 3 am in the morning, and he is back again after about an hour's sleep. Daniel was here till about 9 pm last night. We are tired but feeling exhilarated for the opening. The shop looks amazing after having boxes all over the place for several months. 

Savanna, Karl, Daniel and Joel are working the morning shift. They are having fun while working, all smiling and relaxed, getting to know their customers. A police officer, Gladstone city officials, several Clark-N-Oak Animal Health Center employees and parents from Yul's classroom at Oak Hill Day School were among the first customers. They are super positive and offered us kind encouragements. Gladstone is really an amazing city, and we feel so grateful to be in such a supportive community. 

We are looking forward to serving each every one of our customers, and being a nice addition to this community. 
We are finally opening on the 2nd week of January 2013. We had a test run last week and it was a great success. We are serious deprived of sleep as we put in countless hours to get ready for the final moments of opening our dream coffee and tea house.

Just want to say a big thank you to all of our friends and family who have given us so much support in the past year and half while getting the shop ready. We are pleasantly surprised by the overwhelming response from our community. Gladstone rocks!!!!

People have been stopping by the shop every day to inquire about the shop opening. You can just see the excitement on their faces after we give them a little tour of the coffee house inside. 

By the way, we have been roasting coffee almost daily at the shop, and it made the whole shop smell so good. Meanwhile, all of our teas are in place. Tonight, we made a great pot of Kukicha, the Japanese green tea, and enjoyed every sip of it.